Gift Card-King's Cup 100% Kona Coffee

Gift Card-King's Cup 100% Kona Coffee

from 25.00

You can purchase a gift card for yourself, or as a present. Purchasing this digital gift card creates a unique code. The gift card recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total. This gift card never expires.

How it works? In the Gift Card Delivery box on the checkout page, then select Email to Recipient or Email to You

Email to Recipient

If you want to email the gift card to the recipient, just enter this information to include in the email sent to the recipient: Recipient name, recipient email (required), message (80 character limit), and sender’s name.

NOTE: Gift cards are not refundable.

How to?

  • Redeem a gift card:

    Once the recipient receives their gift card, they can redeem it by purchasing our products and entering the gift card code at checkout. Gift cards apply to the order total, including tax, and shipping.

    If the order total exceeds the gift card value, the remaining amount can be paid using your another payment method, or another gift card.

  • Check the current balance of a gift card:

    When redeeming a gift card code at checkout, customers will see the card value subtracted from their order total. They can also see the balance remaining on the gift card.