Reasons to Choose King's Cup 100% Kona Coffee

Our coffee is:

  • Authentic, 100% Estate Kona Coffee.  All of our beans come exclusively from our farm; never mixed with harvest from other farms, or with beans imported from other countries.  We manage all phases of the production process: we grow, pick, process, mill (hulling), roast, pack and ship our coffee, to ensure authenticity, quality, and freshness of our products. 

  • Hand-picked, to ensure that we only pick the red ripen cherries. We process the fruit on the same day of picking.

  • Sun-dried, to keep the optimal moisture levels, preserving the aromas and sweet flavors that develop naturally from the coffee bean itself.

  • No use of harsh chemicals. Although we are not certified organic yet, we employ organic techniques. 

  • Artisan-roasted. We roast in small batches, only after orders are placed, to ensure freshness. We employ an artisan roaster (manually operated) which allows us to make adjustments to the heat, airflow, and other critical factors of the roasting process.

  • Shipped directly - from our farm to your door. 

We pay attention to every detail, to guarantee the authenticity, quality, and freshness of our products, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Beans

Our green beans are sorted and graded according to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Grading Standards.

Estate Grade is used to describe the coffee sold containing a mix of all grades of 100% Kona coffee beans (Peaberry, Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1, Select and Prime). This combination of beans produce a brew with a rich, delicate flavor that makes the "Estate" grade in very high demand. 

Our Roasting Types

We are currently offering two types of roast: Medium and Medium - Dark Roast. Our Medium Roast is similar to a "City" and the Medium-Dark to a "Full City". The Medium-Dark is our most popular roast.