Our Story

At King's Cup 100% Kona Coffee, we:

  • Are a family owned and operated Estate farm, located in the Kona District of the Big Island of Hawai'i, region known to produce one of the best coffee beans worldwide.

  • Use sustainable farming practices, to save water and energy, and reduce the waste of resources. We utilize:

    • Filtered rain water to wash the coffee beans.

    • The pulp of the coffee cherries as weed control.

    • The tree branches discarded during the pruning process are shredded and used as mulch.

    • Water and energy efficient machinery.

Our 13 acres farm stands 1,800 feet above sea level. The combination of elevation, temperature, rainfall, and the rich volcanic soil create the perfect conditions that allow us to grow our high quality coffee beans.

Our farm is our home. Living on our farm allow us to ensure that we are only producing the highest quality of our crop. As a Estate farm, we continuously take care of our coffee trees. We believe in the quality of our coffee, which means that we are part a every step of the production process. We have spent years learning and perfecting the growing, harvesting, processing, and roasting or our coffee, and we are now ready to bring King’s Cup 100% Kona coffee to your cup. Named after the Hawaiian King Kamehameha the III, we wanted a brand that could honor Hawaii and its ancestors. Out of respect for the native Hawaiian culture, we decided to use a simple crown a part of our logo.

This project is the result of hard work and effort, done with love and respect to the land, to the people who help us, to our community; with commitment to our values, and faith.

Mahalo from our family! Armando and Karina Rodriguez.