100% Kona GREEN Beans (Unroasted)

100% Kona GREEN Beans (Unroasted)

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Do you prefer to roast your own coffee?

We have available sizes of 1, 5, 10, and 20 pound bags of our Estate grade for the home roasters or small coffee shops . We also have available 1 lb bags of our premium Peaberry beans.

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We suggest to store green coffee beans at 60% relative humidity and 75°F, in an airtight container, away from light.

Please remember that these green beans are NOT roasted. Do not grind unroasted green beans to avoid damaging your grinder.

Wholesale Orders

Are you a commercial roaster, or are looking for larger quantities?

For more details about wholesale prices and availability, please contact us at sales@kingscupkonacoffee.com, or call us at (808)987-4918.

We manage custom orders, according to your needs and preferences. We have wholesale inventory of beans of all grades at competitive prices. Are you looking for a specific size/grade (Extra-Fancy, or Fancy, Peaberry, etc)? Just contact us. We can ship wholesale orders from 10, 50, 100, 500+ pounds.

Our wholesale prices and shipping rates are based on volume. We always try to charge the lowest shipping rate possible.

Our Arabica-Typica beans are hand-picked and naturally sun-dried. Our main processing method is the classic “Wet/Washed”. We store our beans (as parchment) in hermetic bags, in our controlled temperature room until they are ready to get hulled (milled) for roasting, or to be shipped as green beans , directly from our farm to your door. That is the freshest coffee you can get!

Our green coffee beans are sorted by size and graded following the HDOA (Hawaii Department of Agriculture) grading standards. Learn more

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