100% Estate Kona Coffee - Medium Roast - GROUND

100% Estate Kona Coffee - Medium Roast - GROUND

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Our MEDIUM roast is similar to a “City+” roast.

Roasted just past the "first crack", the beans have a darker brown color than a light roast and will look richer. Some of the coffee oils may be visible on the beans, there is a balance between acidity and body, where the brightness of the beans will be complemented with the fuller body that is introduced by the roasting process.

Although we recommend buying whole beans, because it last longer, we offer ground beans, available in bags of: 8 OZ, 16 OZ, and 5 packages of 2OZ each, at not extra charge, the grinding it is on us.

After being roasted, our coffee (either whole beans or ground) is packed in foil bags designed specifically to store coffee, with solid sides (to avoid damage of the beans due to the light) and with a degassing valve, to allow the release of gases, in order to preserve the freshness, quality, and flavor that allows our customer to experience and enjoy the great flavor of our coffee, in each bag.

Whole coffee beans last longer than ground coffee. We recommend you to store:

  • Whole beans in a sealed container, at room temperature, away from light.

  • Ground coffee in the freezer (in the foil bag, placed in an airtight bag or container).

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